November 5,2015

At the end of October 2015, the project BESTGRID officially ended. All publications are available on this website. We will keep you informed here and via our newsletter about future activities that the consortium will implement beyond BESTGRID. Read

November 4,2015

Grid operators and environmental groups jointly working on five grid development projects found that the decision about the need of a new power lines has to be addressed with a high level of transparency and throughout all planning stages; the findings are relevant for the implementation of the TEN-E regulation and should inform the European ten-year network development plan (TYNDP)Read

October 30,2015

A picture is worth a thousand words - that is why we have developed short movie clips that give you impressions from our pilot projects in a quick and easy format. Learn about the measures implemented during BESTGRID in three youtube clips.Read

October 7,2015

Our project BESTGRID will come to an end at the end of October. This is the time to reflect and see which things went well and where we can improve. This is why we kindly ask for your feedback, it will only take a couple of minutes! Read

September 25,2015

‘Protecting Nature in Power Grid Planning’ is a handbook for anyone who would like to help ensure transmission grid development contributes to protecting wildlife and nature, and to sustainable development of our energy systems. It shows how grid development and nature protection interests can work together to achieve common goals for society. It builds on lessons from the BESTGRID project to suggest ways that nature conservation interests and environmental NGOs of all kinds can get involved. By engaging early, and working together with governments and industry on solutions, nature conservationists and supporters can help enable grid development to become really sustainable - from the highest levels of policy down to decisions on details such as the design and location of ‘diverters’ that help birds avoid collision with power lines.Read

September 23,2015

Transmission grid operators and environmental groups teamed up in the EU project BESTGRID to jointly develop and test better practices in electricity grid development. This successful collaboration has confirmed that electricity ‘projects of common interest’ can be implemented in line with existing EU nature conservation legislation. To mark the final conference of the BESTGRID project, two handbooks are today being launched in Brussels. The recommendations are relevant for the European Commission’s on-going Fitness Check of EU nature legislation.Read

September 4,2015

The second edition of our project flyer has been published. It includes short briefs about our pilot projects and other activities implemented by project partners in the past two years.