Project BESTGRID has started: European Union supports four pilot projects

April 1,2013

Four pilot projects for grid expansion will be developed and implemented within the coming 30 months. During the projects, new approaches to increase public acceptance and to speed up permitting procedures, while respecting or surpassing standards for environmental protection, will be tested and evaluated.

The BESTGRID consortium brings together grid operators (50Hertz, Elia, National Grid, TenneT, and Terna Rete Italia) and non-governmental organisations (BirdLife Europe, Germanwatch) from across Europe to cooperate in designing, implementing and evaluating pilot projects in Germany, Belgium and the UK. The renowned International Institute for Applied system Analysis (IIASA), will accompany the project, monitor and evaluate the success of the tested approaches.

The BESTGRID project will disseminate the lessons learned widely across Europe and establish an intensive exchange of best practices. Moreover, two guidebooks will be produced and disseminated, focusing on “Participation and Transparency” and “Protecting the Environment and Engaging Environmental Stakeholders” in grid development projects.
A special focus of the dissemination will be on countries where ‘Projects of Common Interest’ will be developed, to ensure that best practices will be applied here. The BESTGRID project will thereby be a key milestone towards implementing the EU Regulation on trans-European energy infrastructure which has been adopted by the European Parliament and Council in March.

BESTGRID Partners: 50Hertz, BirdLife Europe, Elia, Germanwatch, IIASA, National Grid, TenneT, Terna Rete Italia, Renewables-Grid-Initiative (coordinator)