Round table on environmental and health questions within a 380-kV grid project - the cooperation with DUH and NABU

  • 28 participants
  • Main issues  - environmental protection, current status of the planning procedure, information on the EU project BESTGRID

On September 18th 2014, representatives from local and regional authorities as well as environmental planning experts and scientists were once more invited to Pasewalk by 50Hertz to deepen the dialogue with local stakeholders on the current status of the planning procedure of the 380-kV high voltage line Bertikow-Pasewalk and the EU project BESTGRID.  
A brief introduction by host Dr. Peter Ahmels from the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (German Environmental Aid) was followed by details on the current status of the planning procedure by 50Hertz project manager Teréz Jánossy. Following this introductory part, RGI’s Theresa Schneider gave an overview of the EU-funded project BESTGRID. The Deutsche Umwelthilfe and German BirdLife Partner NABU then presented the core aspects of their cooperation with 50Hertz within the BESTGRID framework. In addition, the concept of 50Hertz’ mobile citizens’ office tour, including all dates and stops, was introduced and the current state of research on electromagnetic fields was presented by Dr. Hannah Heinrich, an expert in the area.
Apart from this high variety of issued dealt with, many valuable questions were raised with respect to health issues but also concerning the sustainable management of future corridors. „We are very happy to be continuing the dialogue on this grid expansion project. In particular, we are thankful to have representatives coming from local and regional environmental authorities on board throughout the planning procedure, thus knowing them fully integrated in the entire process. This makes it possible for 50Hertz as a company to make use of the highly appreciated remarks coming from the planning edge for the official approval procedure“, concluded Dirk Manthey, head of the project communication section within 50Hertz.