50Hertz on the road: Delivering information on electromagnetic fields and different corridor options for the Bertikow-Pasewalk line

After a successful proposal conference („Antragskonferenz“) for the planned 380-kV line from Bertikow to Pasewalk, the 50Hertz project team set off for talks with local citizens.

The mobile citizens’ office, which had been designed especially for the 7-day info tour, stopped at 11 locations close to the different corridor options of the Bertikow-Pasewalk project. It served as a drop-in centre for anyone interested in the current planning phase and the likelihood of their own property being directly affected by the new line.

Apart from that, interested visitors were invited to join communication officer Dirk Manthey and his team as they measured the magnetic fields underneath the existing 220-kV power line. For this purpose, an expert from the University of Duisburg, who carried out the measurements, also supported the 50Hertz project team. Those measurements were compared to the values of standard electronic devices present in each household, i.e. a water heater. To some of the visitors, it came as quite a surprise that only marginal differences could be found.

50Hertz drew a very positive conclusion after the final stop in Pasewalk. "It was good to talk,” said 50Hertz spokeswoman Britta Petersen. “We received a lot of valuable information from the residents that will become part of our further planning. We were very happy to see, how much time people took to talk to us. This way, many intensive conversations were able to develop develop which gave us the opportunity to give really detailed feedback to questions.”