Information events in Prenzlau and Pasewalk– a promising start to further stakeholder dialogue and cooperation

  • 34 participants -  Prenzlau
  • 42 participants  - Pasewalk
  • Core issues: environmental protection; routeing of the overhead lines; transformer stations

On March 11th and 13th 2014, 50Hertz informed stakeholders ranging from citizens, to local politicians and representatives from regional administrative authorities and local/ regional entrepreneurs about the construction of 380-kV lines between Bertikow and Pasewalk.  A short introductory part on the planning status of the new line during the plenary session was followed by more in-depth discussions on aspects such as environmental protection, the potential reconstruction of transformer stations and possible route alternatives for the overhead-lines in the workshops. Valuable and highly appreciated tips were given by the participants during both evening sessions. Those were then pinned on a map showing the ellipsis for the possible route corridors. Two documentaries (two separate slide presentations) wrapping up both events, are, by now, made publicly available on the official 50Hertz homepage (in German). Environmental NGOs (BUND, NABU and DUH) as well as the farmers´ association, the local forestry associations and the citizens also made excellent proposals on how to sociologically and environmentally improve the project. „50Hertz looks forward to building upon the very valuable dialogue with the stakeholders initialized in March. For this purpose, several meetings with the aim of entering into more detailed discussions are already scheduled with a vast range of public and private stakeholders. “, said Dirk Manthey, responsible for the project communication within the 50Hertz company. 

 Another tool for successfully implementing early stakeholder information and integration lies in the conceptualization and the setting up of a tour with a so-called “mobile citizens´ office”. Through this tour, which is currently foreseen to 50Hertz to be run in autumn 2014, intends to address all interested visitors directly and to respond to their questions and potential concerns. 

The tour of the mobile citizens´ office will also include providing all interested parties with material and brochures on the project itself and on the issue of electric and magnetic fields.