Project profile

  • Underground cable project in a densely populated area near Brussels
  • TSO: Elia
  • NGO involved via BESTGRID: IEW
  • Length: 5km
  • Project put on hold in 2014 because of change on demand side

BESTGRID activities

  • Elia and IEW jointly developed a stakeholder mapping based on interviews conducted in the region
  • Elia and IEW organised and moderated workshops targeting authorities and local stakeholders with the aim to initiate dialogue
  • All information obtained and the lessons learned have been summarised in a report 

Lessons learned

  • The stakeholder mapping should be based on direct interaction with people as it was done via the interviews in this project. 
  • Jointly organized NGO-TSO workshops gave the process credibility.
  • Ensuring respect, trust and transparency between partners is one of the key elements to success for this type of initiative. 

More information

  • All measures planned can be read in the action plan Elia has published in the first months of the project
  • The lessons learned from the collaboration are available in a summarising document. It is also available in French and Dutch