What is a pilot project?

Each pilot project is a grid development project that is planned and realised by one of the TSOs participating in BESTGRID. The operators in charge of a pilot project that design and test new activities were 50Hertz (Germany), Elia (Belgium), and TenneT (Germany). They received advice from NGOs during project planning as well as throughout the implementation phase. All pilot projects were different from each other, but complementary at the same time. Thus, they enabled BESTGRID to assess best practices pertaining to large electricity infrastructures, environmental conditions, and differing social and regulatory conditions.

For more information on our pilot projects, please have a look at our project map below as well as the individual project pages.

World continents

Waterloo to Braine-l'Alleud

  • Length: 5km
  • Concerns an onshore underground cable in an urban area, with an impact on the local economy.

Bertikow to Pasewalk

  • Length: 40km
  • New 380kv line will increase the power transmission capacity and thus guarantee the security of supply of this region.


  • Length: 600km
  • Wilster to Grafenrheinfeld: one of the large high voltage power transmission DC lines that are intended to transport electricity from offshore and onshore wind generation from northern Germany to the south.

Nemo Link

  • Length: 130km
  • Subsea interconnector between UK and Belgium.